Royston Vasey, Not For The Faint At Heart

If you are wondering what Royston Vasey is then you have never seen the show A League of Gentleman. A comedy series that is based on this fictitious place it is taking the UK by storm. If you are looking for all the funny behind the scene acts or the onscreen antics, the website is the perfect place to frequent. For those of us with a dry sense of humor, waiting for the next episode just won’t do. This site is filled with fun facts and other funny things to engage in.

Royston Vasey

The series is based on the strangest place on earth which is only outdone by the strangest cast of characters. Some of the biggest weirdos doing the most outlandish things is what people across the UK are going crazy over. Not just a comedy, a very dark one, there are overtones of cannibalism and butchers that love to serve up the local fare, which is really the local townspeople who taste pretty good over abarbecue.

Definitely geared for an English audience, it is no secret that the Brits find humor in the most un-humorous of things. If this were shown in another country likely the pitchforks would hit the streets and the moral right wing conservatives would petition to get it shut down, but that is exactly what we love about it, isn’t it?

Apparently it isn’t just the viewers who are a little shocked and put off with some of the onscreen nonsense of this show. There are some of the cast members who will likely fess up that they don’t feel right about where the storyline goes and at times try to get the writers to take it back just a bit. Sometimes going outside the decent label, it is okay to push the envelope, but if you aren’t careful it may just push too much and turn an entire viewing audience off.

The popularity isn’t set to fade just yet. Millions around the UK tune in faithfully to see what new antics will unfold before their eyes. Like a train wreck that you don’t want to see but are at the same time compelled to watch, this show has all the makings of a real life tragedy, but thank goodness it is all created in the minds of comic geniuses, or at least that is what they call themselves.

If you are looking for something to immerse yourself in that will do nothing short of gross you out and make you wonder why you turned it on to begin with, give it a try. If you like it then go to the website to get all the latest info. Taking it just one step more, this website may have you in stitches, real ones. It is all about anticipating the thing that no one would dare do and then knowing that is exactly what you are going to see in the next episode. Truly for the depraved, if you are one of them, have a look see.