How Royston Vasey is inspiring London Escorts to try Something New.

Tubbs and Edward Tattysyrup may not be the kind of characters that you would think likely to inspire people to set new goals. Their local shop for local people is certainly not the kind of venue that you would imagine to be the source of dreams for aspiring stars, but it turns out that it is doing just that. The League of Gentlemen, the surreal UK comedy show that is known for its quirky characters and dark humour was not only quite a hit with the viewing public, but also to many looking for inspiration that is a little outside the box.

The kind of imagination that can come up with such strange yet loveable characters is not easy to come by and those that are able to conjure up such fictions are often quite successful. Such minds are usually already found in creative jobs such as writing or acting, while some such minds are active in other non-related industries.

How Royston Vasey is inspiring a London Escort to try Something New.
How Royston Vasey is inspiring a London Escort to try Something New.

Triggering a Hidden Talent.

The unusual yet funny format of The League of Gentleman, the show in which you will find the fictional town of Royston Vasey, has helped a London escort to recognise that perhaps she has an ability that is more useful than she had thought it would be. The successful combination of such oddities like the Tattysyrups and humour have made Susan, a London escort for several years, realise she might have a skill that she can tap into.

Susan explained: “I’ve always had a mind that conceived dark and mysterious characters similar to the ones on Royston Vasey”. “I’ve often thought of putting my mind creations down on paper but have never been quite sure how I should approach it”. “Now, after watching The League of Gentleman, I have an idea how I can take my thoughts and put them down in a way that other people would enjoy reading”. “I’m going to write a book”, she added.

An Unexpected Source?

If you were asked where you would expect to find a source of creative minds then London escorts may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You could be forgiven for this considering that that business hardly has a reputation for producing budding young literature geniuses, but there is still quite a lot of talent locked away that can be tapped in to.

For many of the ladies in the escort business, it is a means to an end as they need to support themselves while they work on other projects for the future. Some of the ladies involved are even university students with hopes of finding a career in creative arts or literature once they have graduated.

An Inspiration for All.

One of the London escorts, Susan who works 24/7 for thinks that cases like this can give hope and inspiration to anybody looking for a change in career, and not just escorts. “There are many people out there with great abilities that they don’t know how to use or don’t know they have”. “It can take something like this to provide the spark and make you realise what you can do”. She added.

“Many people change their lives for the better after they have an unexpected epiphany, the next time it could even be you”