How Blogging is making the London Experience Better for Visitors

When the World Wide Web became widely available, it made a huge difference to how we live. No longer do we need to go to a library for information, for example, as instead we now have all the information we could possibly need at our fingertips. It is not just information that the internet brings us of course as it also brings us insights into how other people live their lives and see the world. Blogging in particular is one popular way of taking advantage of the internet and using it to let the world know about your thoughts and experiences.


An Attentive Audience

Blogger Andrew Tomlinson runs a blog on his life and experiences in London, and finds that he has a wide audience from people from all over the world. As one of the world’s prime tourist destinations, many people search the internet for information on London and blogs are often just what they are looking for.

While commercial sites and tourism companies tend to provide information on the tourist spots that are likely to make them a profit, an independent blog  will not have profit in mind but instead offer impartial opinions and experiences. Such a blog can help visitors to the capital, and some residents, to find hidden gems that would likely have been missed otherwise.

Telling Some Truths

As a resident of the city, Andrew has noticed how many tourists are treated like Sheeple as they are herded from one place to another, with barely enough time to take in what is around them. As somebody that knows the city well though he is well aware that there are better ways to enjoy the city and they are often considerably cheaper than those laid on by tour guides.

He has noticed how some tour organisers appear to be somewhat extortionate in their prices when compared to what they actually offer for the money. Maybe by educating visitors on how other, more reasonable, prices are available the tour companies might be pressured into offering more reasonable prices themselves.

More to See

In a city of London’s stature and history, there is so much to see and do but unfortunately many tourists don’t even get to know about some of the hidden treasures. If a particular attraction is not convenient or profitable enough for tour companies, then they are likely to omit it from their itinerary altogether as though it doesn’t even exist.

By imparting his own knowledge and experience on what there is to see and do, he hopes to help visitors to have a better, more fulfilling experience during their visit. In fact, some of his readers have already commented on how they feel they got more from their visit than if they had gone on organised tours instead of following bloger’s advice.

Positive Feedback

Andrew has had positive feedback so far from some of the followers of his blog, with some saying how Andrew’s feedback and advice helped them to see and do things they had not been aware of on previous visits. Another advantage of blogs is that the person managing the blog can invite comments from their readers, and further opinions and suggestions can help readers to gain even more from following the blog.