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Comedians are popular the world over, after all, it’s good to laugh and laughter has even been found to have some health benefits. The best comedians become superstars in their own right and they perform in a number of ways such as through comedy TV shows, celebrity panel shows and also stand-up.

It’s not easy to make an audience of people laugh though, and many that try fail to become a success. It can also be an extremely harsh job and an unhappy crowd can make your time on stage one you’d rather forget. Get it right, though, and you could become a star just like those in Royston Vasey.


Face that make you laugh
Face that make you laugh

A Natural Comic

One person that does think they have what it takes to be a comedienne is a London escort Melanie, who has worked with for several years now. Her friends agree that she has a talent for making people laugh and she is looking to take that to the stage to make others laugh as well.

“I just love making other people laugh, it’s so good to see other people having a good time”, said Melanie. “I’ve had a bit of coaching from some professionals and they have given me some great pointers”, she added. “I’m feeling a bit nervous but excited at the same time, I’m really hoping it all goes well”, she said. “My dream is to be a writer for a show as good as The League of Gentleman and I hope lots of experience will help me get there”, she concluded.