Personal Blogger Aims to Maintain a Blog on London Escorts

The internet is awash with people from all walks of life writing about their knowledge and experiences. From travel to business and food to sports, there is hardly any stone left unturned on what has been covered. Some topics are less likely to be covered than others though as they might be considered to be taboo or maybe through a perceived lack of interest. One blogger is looking to write a blog on a profession that others might consider to be quite a challenging subject.


Up to the Challenge

Blogger Andrew Tomlinson will be following the life of a London escort and maintaining a blog on what he learns and his experiences of interviews with her. His intention is to help people to understand more about the lives of escorts and the lives they lead in hope of overcoming preconceptions about them. It is a task that promises to be rewarding yet challenging, and it is a challenge that Andrew is more than ready to take on.

His blog will focus on a 25 year old PalaceVIP London escort, who has chosen to remain anonymous, to try to gain an insight into the ups and the downs of the lives of those involved. The blog may also include some comments from some of the escort’s clients as Andrew aims to get a picture from both sides of the story. Escorts also tend to find work through agencies, and the people that run these agencies will also be a focus of Andrew’s blog.

A Sensitive Area

With so many preconceptions and so much stigma associated with such an industry, it was perhaps understandable that few were willing to come forward as a subject for the blog. With this in mind, Andrew is very grateful to all involved but still expects some resistance in the future. Some are sceptical of Andrew’s motives but once the blog begins to take shape, it is hoped that people will recognize what Andrew is trying to achieve, encouraging more people in the industry to be open about the business.

Focussing on the Person

Andrew intends that his blog will focus on the lives of the individuals of those involved in the industry rather than the industry itself. He hopes that his blog will help to illustrate that escorts live normal lives just like everybody else and will focus on family, love, social lives, finances and all other aspects of life that other people experience. The blog may take Andrew deep into the personal life of the escort and others involved, so it promises to be an undertaking that will be more revealing than other similar projects.

The North London escort that is the focus of the blog has already stated that she too hopes that the blog will help to break down barriers and allow people to see that escorts are normal people with hopes, fears and dreams. She also hopes that maybe a better understanding of the lives of escorts can lead to improved working terms and conditions for the young ladies, as well as maybe opening the door to other career opportunities should they want them.


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